Product Features

  • Legal & Compliant
  • 60 second setup
  • Live Incentives
  • Instant changes
  • Custom display
  • Links to your inventory
  • No art fees

Give your dealership website an advantage

Do you ever ask, "Why aren't my new vehicle incentives up on my website yet?!" Or have you found it difficult to navigate your state's advertising law to make it possible to do so?

The New Vehicle Incentives (NVI) tool was created to solve the issues of legal & manufacturer compliance and speed to website. Too often we hear from dealership General Managers, E-Commerce Directors, and even Owners that there needs to be more of an emphasis placed toward New Vehicle Incentives but their efforts are thwarted by fear of lawsuits or just by slow turn-around time.

By the time your managers can get artwork from a vendor, get it approved and get their internet provider to host their incentives, you've lost half of the month and the cycle starts again in two weeks or less.

NVI was created by an automotive ad agency that has wrestled with this issue for over 20 years. Each feature of NVI comes from years of creating Newspaper, TV, Radio, Billboard, and Online ads for dealerships that have to be reworked every month and have slow turnaround times. This is a tool built by automotive professionals for automotive professionals who realize the need to deliver compelling offers to their market in a timely fashion.

NVI cuts out these hassles for your dealership by automating the process that slow down the speed-to-site delivery of your new incentives released from the manufacturer. With streamlined communications NVI is able to build, approve, and release state and manufacturer compliant incentives to your website the same day they are released from the manufacturer. This allows you to get your best offers in front of your customers FAST which in turn drives more people to your site, to your store, and to the SALE.

For more information about how NVI can help your dealership's website make more money for you today, call (877) 254-2211 or email us at
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